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Head Armature - Bonehead

Bonehead is our newest and most versatile sculpting/display form yet. With the Bonehead you get an advanced, positionable sculpting/display form that allows for a myriad of dynamic poses. Bonehead is perfect as a base for making fast zombies and corpse masks or displays. This product features:

- Life sized
- Articulating neck allows posing the skull in any position.
- Extra Strong joint mechanism for precise neck positioning.
- Eye sockets accept human eye forms
- Light-weight
- Easily assembled, modular design
- Durable parts
- Reinforced plastic neck connections for added durability

Bonehead comes in three removable sections and is made of hollow, rigid, polyurethane foam. (neck assembly is made of high strength nylon plastic.) This product is handcrafted. As such, there are some minor cosmetic imperfections inherent in the manufacturing process that do not impact the sculpting process. Most forms have some minor cosmetic blemishes. To use as a sculpting base we recommend filling the torso with White Hydrocal to extend the service life.

Measures 56cm H x 30cm W x 20cm D. Skull circumference at brow is 56cm approx.

Weighs 3 kg.

107,90 EUR

zzgl. 21% USt. zzgl. Versand
Gewicht: 5 kg

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