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Unsere eigene Marke bietet Ihnen eine hohe Qualität zum niedrigsten Preis. Dort finden Sie auch diese Produkte:

PU Flexible Foams
Latex & Neoprene

Molding & Casting

Formen & Gießen Produkte

  • FormX Alginates

    Alginates are used for the reproduction of the human body, lifecasting & related applications. FormX has an extensive range of lifecasting products.

  • FormX Silicones

    FormX's own brand of quality silicone combining great properties with a reasonable price.

  • FormX Polyester Resin

    Try our Polyester Clear Casting Resin (PX-Clear) and Laminating Polyester Resin.

  • FormX Putties & Gelcoat

    Putties are suitable for an infinite variety of industrial and art-related applications. Polyester gel coats are used to create a high quality surface layer in your mold.

  • FormX AcrylCast Acrylic resin

    Our new mineral-based AcrylCast molding and casting system is both strong and economical. Perfect for prosthetic molds.

  • FormX Gypsum MarbleCast

    This plaster is used in the production of statuary pieces and in architectural and interior decorative works.

  • FormX Finishing & Fillers

    Urefil filler, patina's, metal powders and fake metal powders

  • FormX Pigments

    A range of pigments for silicones, polyester resin and gypsum.

  • FormX Kits

    These kits will get you started and conain everything you need in one complete package.

SFX Make-Up

SFX Make-Up Produkte

  • FormX Make-Up Products

    Special Make-Up Products, alcohol activated palletes, Blood, On Skin Silicone's and gelatin.

  • FormX Kits

    These kits will get you started and conain everything you need in one complete package.

  • FormX Dental

    Our line of dental materials are hand-picked to give you anything you need to make custom fangs and crazy dentures.



  • FormX Tools

    High Quality steel sculpting tools.

  • FormX Plastilines

    Plastilnes are non hardening wax and/or oil based clays. They are excellent for detailed work like modelling prosthetics or maquettes.

  • FormX Wax

    Waxes for sculpting and pouring models

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