2000 creëerde het bedrijf GECCO TRIDIMENSIONALS een Neanderthaler-vrouwelijke sculptuur voor het Archeologisch Museum van Oviedo

Gecco Tridimensionals

GECCO TRIDIMENSIONALS is a workshop that combines the best materials and techniques to build any size volumetric elements with scientifically-based, realistic finishes.

Founded in 2000, the company GECCO TRIDIMENSIONALS, is a workshop specializing in creating volumetric objects of any size, whether it's carved or molded. We shape your imagination based on nature. Any object big or small we can handle.

We can make small or large molds in silicone, latex, polyester, any three-dimensional element, natural, archaeological or architectural. We copy nature; trees, rocks, rivers, skulls, invertebrates, fish, amphibians, reptiles, and can replicate these in durable materials, both lightweight and strong. We reproduce habitats for zoos, aquariums and terrariums atmospheres. Materials and techniques are appropriate to every need with textures and perfect finish.
We also make moulds and replicas for the restoration of buildings.

Reproduction in any scale, topographical models, buildings, globes, planets, etc.. with high accuracy.

Sculptures and Models to any size made ​​with the right material and adapted to your demands.

Telèfon de contacte: 93 564 40 74

Gecco Tridimensionals

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