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Thom Suprenant PAX Kit Dark

Thomas Surprenant's PAX paints are well sought after in the entertainment industry and have been used from everything from the Santa Claus movies to the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. This Acrylic adhesive-based paint system is durable and has a very high coverage. It can be used to paint prosthetic apliances or foam latex animatronic skins, paint bald caps or cover tatoos. Diluted with distilled water (50%) it can be airbrushed too.

Remove with Beta Bond remover, Super Solve or Pros-Aide Remover.

The Dark Skin Kit contains: Chocolate Cream, MB-1, KN-6, Shinto-4, KN-4, Golden Olive.

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Thomas Surprenant

Thomas Surprenant
Thomas Surprenant Thom is a licensed cosmetologist with many years of experience in skin care and product knowledge. He is the Owner of Thomas Surprenant Creations, providing specialty products for the film, television, and print industries. Over the years, Thom has created a line of makeup that many professional makeup artists seek out when looking for quality special makeup. His skills are in constant demand featuring beauty, special character, and makeup effects. He's the creator of Thomas Surprenant PAX paints and the designer of Bdellium tools line of FX brushes

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