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Worbla's Meshed Art

When strength is important, Worbla’s Mesh Art provides a thermoplastic with excellent adhesive properties and stability. Worbla’s Mesh Art offers a smooth, leather-like finish on one side with a mesh structure on the other with excellent strength and resilience.

Worbla Meshed Art

  • Worbla's Meshed Art 100 x 75 cm

    100 x 75 cm

    26,35 EUR (zzgl. 21% USt. zzgl. Versand)

  • Worbla's Meshed Art 100 x 150 cm

    100 x 150 cm

    47,70 EUR (zzgl. 21% USt. zzgl. Versand)

Like all Worbla Products, Worbla’s Mesh Art is non-toxic and solvent-free. Worbla’s Mesh Art has also been partially made from recycled rice husks, as we are always looking to create more sustainable, environmentally conscious products. Worbla’s Mesh Art is activated by heat 80-90°C , and becomes mouldable and shapeable by hand when activated, and can be reheated endlessly until the desired shape is achieved

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